Movie Music: 不能說的秘密 (Bu Neng Shuo de Mi Mi) by 周杰倫 (Zhou Jie Lun/Jay Chou)

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Next in the soundtrack series is another song from Jay Chou. There will be a number of Jay Chou soundtrack pieces, of course, since he has scored several films in recent years.

While the instrumental pieces are arguably the most fabulous part of Jay Chou’s soundtrack to his 2007 film Secret (不能說的秘密), this title song is quite catchy, not to mention fairly easy to sing. It might even be a decent song for a KTV newbie to learn, though some of the vocabulary is a little advanced. Even better, the background music is rather simple, so it would be a good song to try out if you’re interested in showing off your singing and piano playing at the same time.

And if you haven’t seen Secret, you’re really missing out. Jay Chou’s turn at writing, directing, and starring in his own film turned out far better than one might have predicted, and is nothing like the goofy flicks he normally participates in. Especially watch out for the piano battle near the beginning of the film. Impressive!

Like Cape No. 7 did in 2008, this film won Outstanding Taiwanese Film of the Year at the 2007 Golden Horse Awards. Furthermore, this song won Best Original Film Song, beating out Sodagreen’s 小情歌 (which was featured in the film Exit No. 6, a silly movie shot in my neighborhood).

PS: Be sure to check out Jay Chou in his Hollywood debut this year, when he will star as Kato in The Green Hornet with Seth Rogen and Cameron Diaz. I can’t say I expect anything amazing, but it’s a great chance to expose America to Jay Chou, and thus to Taiwan’s music industry.

leng ka fei li kai le bei dian

wo ren zhu de qing xu zai hen hou mian

pin ming xiang wan hui de cong qian

zao wo lian shang yi jiu qing xi ke jian

zui mei de bu shi xia yu tian

shi ceng yu ni duo guo yu de wu yan

回憶的畫面 在盪著鞦韆 夢開始不甜
hui yi de hua mian zai dang zhe qiu qian meng kai shi bu tian


妳說把愛漸漸 放下會走更遠
ni shuo ba ai jian jian fang xia hui zou geng yuan

又何必去改變 已錯過的時間
you he bi qu gai bian yi cuo guo de shi jian

妳用妳的指尖 阻止我說再見
ni yong ni de zhi jian zu zhi wo shuo zai jian

想像妳在身邊 在完全失去之前
xiang xiang ni zai shen bian zai wan quan shi qu zhi qian

妳說把愛漸漸 放下會走更遠
ni shuo ba ai jian jian fang xia hui zou geng yuan

或許命運的籤 只讓我們遇見
huo xu ming yun de qian zhi rang wo men yu jian

只讓我們相戀 這一季的秋天
zhi rang wo men xiang liang yi ji de qiu tian

飄落後才發現 這幸福的碎片
piao luo hou cai fa xian  zhe xing fu de sui pian

yao wo zen me jian

Repeat chorus and verse

Lyrics at KKBOX:

Jay Chou on Wikipedia:


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