Movie Music: 我的名字 (Wo de Ming Zi) by 伍佰 (Wu Bai)

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In 2000, Taiwanese rock star Wu Bai appeared in a Hong Kong movie called Time and Tide (順流逆流) and recorded a few songs for its soundtrack. I have to admit I’ve never seen the film, but I’ve heard this song and really like the way it sounds. On top of that, it’s slow and the vocabulary is mostly easy – perfect for someone wanting to add an unusual (read: a little old and not incredibly popular, so people will think you really know your music) song to their KTV repertoire. Can’t believe I never thought to try it out at KTV before, but it’s on my list now.

And here’s a tip… if you want to sing it like Wu Bai, just perform the whole song with your mouth hanging open. Otherwise, drink a lot of alcohol first, and you’ll probably end up slurring your words just the right amount.

花會開 春會來    還在期待些什麼
hua hui kai  chun hui lai    hai zai qi dai xie shen me

該放的是否已經放手    我還要什麼理由
gai fang de shi fou yi jing fang shou      wo hai you shen me li you

輕輕說 悄悄說     微風一樣的輕柔
qing qing shuo  qiao qiao shuo      wei feng yi yang de qing rou

或許妳也曾經經歷過      知道我沒有把握
huo xu ni ye ceng jing jing li guo     zhi dao wo mei you ba wo


我的名字 飛進了雨中
wo de ming zi  fei jin le yu zhong

man man fu xian zai wo xin kou

qing ni yuan liang wo de wu fa zhuo mo

yin wo bu ceng ai guo

想忘的 遺忘的          總有湧現的時候
xiang wang de  yi wang de      zong you gan xian de shi hou

該不該讓妳來擁抱我        我知道我沒把握
gai bu gai rang ni lai yong bao wo        wo zhi dao wo mei ba wo

Chorus 1x

眼前的妳 竟讓我難過          還有溼紅了我眼眸
yan qian de ni  jing rang wo nan guo              hai you shi hong le wo yan mou

我要全部放棄全部從頭           因我握妳的手 已經足夠
wo yao quan bu fang qi quan bu cong tou       yin wo wo ni de shou  yi jing zu gou

已經足夠 已經足夠
yi jing zuo gou   yi jing zi gou

Lyrics at KKBOX:

Wu Bai’s & China Blue’s Official Website (Chinese):

Wu Bai on Wikipedia:



  1. Weekly Links – January 28, 2010 « The Daily Bubble Tea said,

    […] Holly is updating KTV Xiaojie again!  Here’s Wu Bai’s Wode Mingzi. […]

  2. PEPPER said,

    think you can make a english lyric of this song

    • ktvxiaojie said,

      I’d suggest you try out Google Translate or for machine translation, though there may be some other lyrics websites out there that have English translations. Good luck!

  3. roro said,

    thx for this so much
    i’ve been looking for ping ying lyrics for this song ever since i saw the movie… when i was just a kid almost 10 years ago haha, the movie is actually really good; definitely underrated in the hk action flick repertoire
    despite my rudimentary chinese i was quite moved by the song, I actually went out and bought me the cd’s of the two actors (wu bai, nicolas tse) this song was on neither… i was pissed


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