Taiwan’s Lin Yu Chun brings his talent to America

April 22, 2010 at 8:18 pm (Notes) (, , , , , , )

Been a bit too busy to get to all the songs on my to-do list (lots of Chinese study, in fact!), but just had to share these. If you recall, Lin Yu Chun rose to fame recently with his amazing rendition of Whitney Houston’s I Will Love You, and the internet was buzzing about him for days. Now, he has brought his talent to the US, where he is in fact a much bigger deal than in Taiwan (many Taiwanese folks don’t in fact realize how much attention Lin has gotten from abroad). Check out his appearances on American TV!

The first is another performance of “I Will Always Love You” on Ellen DeGeneres‘s daytime talk show, while the second is an amazing duet of Total Eclipse of the Heart with William Shatner (of all people – I wonder if Lin realizes what a legend he was performing with!) on Lopez Tonight, hosted by George Lopez:

Finally, for those who can understand Chinese or are trying to learn, check out this interview with Lin. And no, your ears are not deceiving you – they do ask him if he’s a virgin. That’s classy Taiwanese media outlet Apple Daily for you!

If you’d like some additional reading on Lin Yu Chun, tabloid-style, check out Apple Daily’s website here: http://tw.nextmedia.com/special/index/type/Tree/PubDate/20100416



  1. Weekly Links – April 22, 2010 « The Daily Bubble Tea said,

    […] Holly  with clips of Taiwanese singing sensation Lin Yu Chun’s American TV performances. […]

  2. Klaus said,

    > they do ask him if he’s a virgin. That’s classy Taiwanese media outlet Apple Daily for you!

    Didn’t Ophra Winfrey ask Michael Jackson the same question once?

    • ktvxiaojie said,

      I hadn’t heard of that before, but yeah, you’re right: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yud33Shdjuc

      Of course, the difference is that this is Apple Daily’s style all the time, while Oprah asked about it kind of apologetically. Still not anyone’s business regardless of how the question is asked, although I’m sure MJ was more prepared for intimate questions than Lin is.

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