你是我的眼 (Ni Shi Wo de Yan) by 蕭煌奇 (Xiao Huang Qi)

February 11, 2011 at 4:28 pm (*** Difficult, Chinese lyrics, Pinyin lyrics) (, , , )

Another popular selection for contestants on shows like One Million Star (超級星光大道) and Super Idol (超級偶像) is this song, whose title translates literally to “You Are My Eyes.” Although a version by newcomer Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) circulated after his turn as a competitor on One Million Star, it’s the original artist, blind singer-songwriter Ricky Hsiao, who has the emotional force to carry this song. The video is a tearjerker, up there with Guang Liang‘s “Tong Hua” (童話), one of those that it’s hard to look away from when you’re watching. (It’s also kind of important to pay attention in order to understand the story, which cuts back and forth in time.)

The lyrics are mildly difficult, with a few faster moments, but the belty chorus is also likely to cause trouble for those who can’t belt on key. For the sake of your audience, keep in mind that singing loudly does not always equate to singing well!

如果我能看得見 就能輕易的分辨白天黑夜
ru guo wo neng kan de jian  jiu neng qing yi de fen bian bai tian hei ye

jiu neng zhun que de zai ren qun zhong qian zhu ni de shou

如果我能看得見 就能駕車帶你到處遨遊
ru guo wo neng kan de jian jiu neng jia che dai ni dao chu ao you

jiu neng jing xi de cong bei hou gei ni yi ge yong bao

如果我能看得見 生命也許完全不同
ru guo wo neng kan de jian sheng ming ye xu wan quan bu tong

可能我想要的我喜歡的我愛的 都不一樣
ke neng wo xiang yao de wo xi huan de wo ai de dou bu yi yang

眼前的黑不是黑 你說的白是什麼白
yan qian de hei bu shi hei ni shuo de bai shi shen me bai

人們說的天空藍 是我記憶中那團白雲背後的藍天
ren men shuo de tian kong lan shi wo ji yi zhong na tuan bai yun bei hou de lan tian

我望向你的臉 卻只能看見一片虛無
wo wang xiang ni de lian que zhi neng kan jian yi pian xu wu

是不是上帝在我眼前遮住了簾 忘了掀開
shi bu shi shang di zai wo yan qian zhe zhu le lian wang le xian kai


你是我的眼 帶我領略四季的變換
ni shi wo de yan dai wo ling lue si ji de bian huan

你是我的眼 帶我穿越擁擠的人潮
ni shi wo de yan dai wo chuan yue yong ji de ren chao

你是我的眼 帶我閱讀浩瀚的書海
ni shi wo de yan dai wo yue du hao han de shu hai

因為你是我的眼 讓我看見這世界就在我眼前
yin wei ni shi wo de yan  rang wo kan jian zhe shi jie jiu zai wo yan qian

jiu zai wo yan qian

眼前的黑不是黑 你說的白是什麼白
yan qian de hei bu shi hei ni shuo de bai shi shen me bai

人們說的天空藍 是我記憶中那團白雲背後的藍天
ren men shuo de tian kong lan shi wo ji yi zhong na tuan bai yun bei hou de lan tian

我望向你的臉 卻只能看見一片虛無
wo wang xiang ni de lian que zhi neng kan jian yi pian xu wu

是不是上帝在我眼前遮住了簾 忘了掀開
shi bu shi shang di zai wo yan qian zhe zhu le lian wang le xian kai

Chorus 2x


Ricky Hsiao’s official website (Chinese): http://www.xiaohuangchi.idv.tw/

Ricky Hsiao on Wikipedia (English): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiao_Huang-Chi

Lyrics on KKBOX: http://tw.kkbox.com/song/aV-n-UA06924lNnxJNnxJ0P4-index.html#lyrics


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切歌 (Qie Ge) by 李聖傑 (Li Sheng Jie/Sam Lee)

July 28, 2010 at 5:48 pm (*** Difficult, Chinese lyrics, Male Singers, Pinyin lyrics) (, , )

Though I’m still updating 5 Days in Taipei with my adventures in May, that’s no excuse to keep neglecting the all-important KTV. A recent visit to Taipei by my Dutch friend Anna (whose guest posts you can find here) has reminded me of this essential fact of life in Taiwan, as well as the fact that I have yet to accomplish my goal of being able to sing Jay Chou’s 牛仔很忙. Pity.

I have, fortunately, learned some other great songs this year, and this one by Sam Lee is one of my favorites. I love songs with KTV or music metaphors, like K歌之王 by Eason Chan or 不完整的旋律 by Wang Leehom, and this song meets that perfectly, since every KTV has a 切歌 button like this one:

切歌 button at KTV

I also appreciate that Lee is a 37-year-old performer competing against legions of younger rivals and still producing some really powerful music. Besides the awesome vocals, the lyrics to this song – the chorus in particular – are heartwrenching and sweet.** In terms of difficulty, I’d say this one is up there both vocally and lyrics-wise. The vocal range is a bit of a stretch; the song begins too low for most women to comfortably sing, but the final notes are a bit high for most men. Fortunately, if you’re actually going to a KTV to sing, you can change the key to fit your own range. The song is fairly slow, but the bridge has an especially difficult tongue-twisting section that I have yet to master. It’s doable with some practice, however.

I do have one particular request when it comes to this song, which is that, if you’re going to sing it, you must belt it with everything you’ve got. Please? This song wasn’t written to be mumbled. Sing it the way it was meant to be, and your KTV companions will thank you.

**Google Translate is your loyal friend, and a much faster translator than me, so please don’t ask me to translate.

Verse 1:

我坐在鋼琴前面 敲著黑白的琴鍵
wo zuo zai gang qin qian mian  qiao zhe hei bai de qin jian

chang zhe lei si ai qing de pei yue

ni shuo wo men de ai xiang dan diao de he xian

不夠動聽 不夠經典
bu gou dong ting   bu gou jing dian

Verse 2:

我也努力過改變 學你要愛的完美
wo ye nu li guo gai bian  xue ni yao ai de wan mei

da ti qin dian zhui wo de xin sui

wo de shi jian bu guo shi ni duo de shi jian

hui yi shi zhong dian


用力唱一首歌 忽然被你切歌
yong li chang yi shou ge   hu ran bei ni qie ge

這歌詞很像我 旋律夠曲折 多麼適合
zhe ge ci hen xiang wo  xuan lv gou qu zhe  duo me shi he

jiu suan mei you yin yue de ban zou

chang dao sheng yin dou ya le

我會記得 你曾是我最愛的情歌
wo hui ji de   ni ceng shi wo zui ai de qing ge

Repeat verse 2

Repeat chorus


guo qu yi mu yi mu jiu xiang bo fang shan qing de MV

wo zi dao zi yan bu neng li jie zhe yang de bei ju

bao xiang li zhi sheng xie wo zi ji

Repeat chorus 2x (with vocal embellishments)

Lyrics at KKBOX: http://tw.kkbox.com/song/u8SAfDK07Ob02T63uT63u0P4-index.html#lyrics

Sam Lee’s artist page at Zoommuzik: http://www.zoommuzik.com/artist_01/index.php

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愛錯 (Ai Cuo) by 王力宏 (Wang Leehom)

April 30, 2010 at 4:59 pm (*** Difficult, Chinese lyrics, Pinyin lyrics) (, )

In my opinion, 愛錯 is one of Wang Leehom’s most amazing pieces. From his 2004 album 心中的日月, which also contained the hit Forever Love, Ai Cuo includes some of his most powerful singing on any album. I’m sure there will come a time when the now 33-year-old Leehom won’t be able to sing this song anymore (think Whitney Houston’s recent performances), but he still had it going on for his 2008 Music Man tour (part of a vocally challenging 3-hour concert, mind you! See the live performance of this song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64qvxUHOJa0).

If you can manage to sing this song well, good on you. The song is slow, but the vocabulary and vocal difficulty make it a little harder for a beginner. The range isn’t easy to cover for most people – in fact, I tend to ask a male friend to sing the beginning for me, as it is quite low for a woman. Extra points for getting all the non-chorus flourishes toward the end of the song. (Note: background chorus is in parentheses)

北風毫不留情 把葉子吹落
bei feng hao bu liu qing  ba ye zi chui luo

cui ruo de ta xuan ze le tao tuo

葉子失去消息 風才感覺寂寞
ye zi shi qu xiao xi  feng cai gan jue ji mo

整個冬天 北風的痛沒人能說
zheng ge dong tian  bei feng de tong mei ren neng shuo


我從來沒想過 我會這樣做
wo cong lai mei xiang guo  wo hui zhe yang zuo

從來沒愛過 所以愛錯
cong lai mei ai guo  suo yi ai cuo

我從哪裡起飛 從哪裡降落
wo cong na li qi fei  con na li jiang luo

duo shao bu neng yuan liang de cuo que bu neng chong lai guo

翻開回憶角落 完美的生活
fan kai hui yi jiao luo  wan mei de sheng huo

yi wei xing fu dou ke yi zhang wo

仔細回味當初 那個故事背後
zi xi hui wei dang chu  na ge gu shi bei hou

Oh 原來是我 犯下從沒承認的錯
Oh yuan lai shi wo  fan xia cong mei cheng ren de cuo

(Repeat chorus)

zai zhe shao le ni de shi jie

Oh 找不回那些感覺
Oh zhao bu hui na xie gan jue

其實我不想道別 ( 道別 )
qi shi wo bu xiang dao bie (dao bie)

na xie guo qu

( 我從來沒想過 我會這樣做 )
(wo cong lai mei xiang guo   wo hui zhe yang zuo)

( 從來沒愛過 所以愛錯 )      從來沒有愛過那麼認真
(cong lai mei ai guo  suo yi ai cuo)   cong lai mei you ai guo na ma ren zhen

( 我從哪裡起飛 )     從哪裡
(wo cong na li qi fei)  cong na li

( 從哪裡降落 )      降落 Oh~
(cong na li jiang luo)   jiang luo  Oh~

( 多少不能原諒的錯卻不能重來過 )
(duo shao bu neng yuan liang de cuo que bu neng chong lai guo)

( 我從來沒想過 我會這樣做 )
(wo cong lai mei xiang guo  wo hui zhe yang zuo)

( 從來沒愛過 ) 愛過 ( 所以愛錯 ) 所以愛錯
(cong lai mei ai guo)  ai guo  (suo yi ai cuo)  suo yi ai cuo

( 我從哪裡起飛 ) 愛錯愛錯愛錯 baby
(wo cong na li qi fei) ai cuo ai cuo ai cuo baby

( 多少不能原諒的錯 ) ooh 請你原諒我的 愛錯
(duo shao bu neng yuan liang de cuo) ooh qing ni yuan liang wo de   ai cuo

Lyrics at KKBOX: http://tw.kkbox.com/song/tvGEsut02D2IH8vtR8vtR0P4-index.html#lyrics

Wang Leehom on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leehom_Wang

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Movie Music: 菊花台 (Ju Hua Tai) by 周杰倫 (Zhou Jie Lun/Jay Chou)

January 18, 2010 at 7:38 pm (*** Difficult, Chinese lyrics, Male Singers, Movie soundtracks, Pinyin lyrics) (, , , )

More Jay Chou. This one is from the film Curse of the Golden Flower (滿城盡帶黃金甲), a visually spectacular film that was otherwise not very spectacular. Actually, this song was released on one of Jay Chou’s earlier albums, but was used in this 2006 film, and thus the video contains scenes from the movie. Pay attention to the scenes in the opening sequence, and you’ll see why this film was the most expensive Chinese film of all time at its release (though it has since been outdone by Red Cliff [赤壁]).

As for the singing difficulty, it’s a somewhat difficult tune in terms of vocabulary, but is definitely a hard one if you happen to be a man. Work on your falsetto, or leave the chorus to the ladies.

妳 的淚光 柔弱中帶傷 慘白的月彎彎勾住過往
ni de lei guang rou ruo zhang dai shang   can bai de yue wan wan gou zhu guo wang

夜 太漫長 凝結成了霜 是誰在閣樓上冰冷的絕望
ye tai man chang ning jie cheng le shuang  shi shei zai ge lou shang bing de jue wang

雨 輕輕彈 朱紅色的窗 我一生在紙上被風吹亂
yu qing qing tan zhu hong se de chuang  wo yi sheng zai zhi shang bei feng chui luan

夢 在遠方 化成一縷香 隨風飄散妳的模樣
meng zai yuan fang  hua cheng yi lu:  xiang  sui feng piao san ni de mu yang


菊花殘 滿地傷 你的笑容已泛黃
ju hua can man di shang  ni de xiao rong yi fan huang

花落人斷腸 我心事靜靜躺
hua luo ren duan chang wo xin shi jing jing tang

北風亂 夜未央 你的影子剪不斷
bei feng luan  ye wei yang  ni de ying zi jian bu jian

徒留我孤單 在湖面 成雙
tu liu wo gu dan  zai hu mian  cheng shuang

Instrumental break

花 已向晚 飄落了燦爛 凋謝的世道上命運不堪
hua yi xiang wan  piao luo le can lan  diao xie de shi dao shang ming yun bu kan

愁 莫渡江 秋心拆兩半 怕妳上不了岸一輩子搖晃
chou mo du jiang  qiu xin chai liang ban pa ni shang bu lai le an yi bei zi yao huang

誰 的江山 馬蹄聲狂亂 我一身的戎裝呼嘯滄桑
shei de jiang shan ma ti sheng kuang luan  wo yi shen de rong zhuang hu xiao cang sang

天 微微亮 妳輕聲的嘆 一夜惆悵如此委婉
tian wei wei liang  ni qing sheng de tan  yi ye chou chang ru ci wei wan

Repeat chorus 2x

Lyrics at KKBOX: http://tw.kkbox.com/song/xW7ZnVX070G0lQjRjQjRj0P4-index.html

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我們的歌 (Wo Men de Ge) by 王力宏 (Wang Leehom)

August 3, 2008 at 11:32 am (*** Difficult, Chinese lyrics, Male Singers, Pinyin lyrics) (, )

A busy summer of work and creative projects has left this blog idling for weeks on end. I haven’t even been to KTV in weeks… some KTV小姐 I am! Apologies offered in the form of this lovely song by Wang Leehom. It’s from the same album as 改變自己 (Gai Bian Zi Ji), and is a regular part of my morning walks due to its cheerful melody (and the fact that I still haven’t mastered the tricky fast parts – 16th notes galore!).

I also like the line 能不能不要切歌 (neng bu neng bu yao qie ge), as it always brings to mind an image of the big red 切歌 button one has to push to cut a song early at KTV. In short, this song is pure poetry, and would be a sweet addition to a mix CD for someone special. Enjoy, and please pardon the video quality – it’s the only KTV version I could find.

***Regarding the lyrics, the words are what I would categorize as moderately difficult. However, those aforementioned tricky parts make this song rather difficult to sing, unless you skip the tongue-twisters altogether. They’re not nearly as killer as the chorus to 牛仔很忙 (future post), but are still a bit hard for a non-native speaker to get out without practice.

yi jing ting le yi bai bian

zen me ting dou bu hui juan

cong bai tian chang dao hei ye

ni yi zhi zai shen bian

ru guo shi jie tai wei xian

zhi you yin yue zui an quan

dai zhe wo jin meng li mian

rang ge ci dou shi xian

wu lun shi kai xin hai shi nan guo

wo de ai yi zhi bu bian

bu bi dan xin shi jian liu shi dai zou yi qie

無論是Hip-Hop 還是搖滾
wu lun shi Hip-Hop hai shi yao gun

wo de ai yi zhi bu bian

suo you mei hao hui yi ji lu zai li mian

這種 Forever love 那麼深
zhe zhong “Forever Love” na me shen

我們的歌 那麼真
“Wo Men de Ge” na me zhen

wu guo jie kua shi dai

再也不會叫我 Kiss Goodbye
zai ye bu hui jiao wo Kiss Goodbye

yao mei yi ju neng gou dong ren xin xian Yeah~


qing ren zong fen fen he he

ke shi wo men que yue ai yue shen

認識你 讓我的幸福如此悅耳
ren shi ni rang wo de xing fu ru ci yue er

neng bu neng bu yao qie ge

ji xu chang wo men de ge

rang gan dong yi bei zi dou ji de

Repeat verse

Repeat chorus 2x

Lyrics at KKBOX: http://www.kkbox.com.tw/funky/web_info/0QdEKoJ6m0tsiha00MG7008l.html

Wang Leehom’s Official Site: http://wangleehom.com/

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