愛錯 (Ai Cuo) by 王力宏 (Wang Leehom)

April 30, 2010 at 4:59 pm (*** Difficult, Chinese lyrics, Pinyin lyrics) (, )

In my opinion, 愛錯 is one of Wang Leehom’s most amazing pieces. From his 2004 album 心中的日月, which also contained the hit Forever Love, Ai Cuo includes some of his most powerful singing on any album. I’m sure there will come a time when the now 33-year-old Leehom won’t be able to sing this song anymore (think Whitney Houston’s recent performances), but he still had it going on for his 2008 Music Man tour (part of a vocally challenging 3-hour concert, mind you! See the live performance of this song here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=64qvxUHOJa0).

If you can manage to sing this song well, good on you. The song is slow, but the vocabulary and vocal difficulty make it a little harder for a beginner. The range isn’t easy to cover for most people – in fact, I tend to ask a male friend to sing the beginning for me, as it is quite low for a woman. Extra points for getting all the non-chorus flourishes toward the end of the song. (Note: background chorus is in parentheses)

北風毫不留情 把葉子吹落
bei feng hao bu liu qing  ba ye zi chui luo

cui ruo de ta xuan ze le tao tuo

葉子失去消息 風才感覺寂寞
ye zi shi qu xiao xi  feng cai gan jue ji mo

整個冬天 北風的痛沒人能說
zheng ge dong tian  bei feng de tong mei ren neng shuo


我從來沒想過 我會這樣做
wo cong lai mei xiang guo  wo hui zhe yang zuo

從來沒愛過 所以愛錯
cong lai mei ai guo  suo yi ai cuo

我從哪裡起飛 從哪裡降落
wo cong na li qi fei  con na li jiang luo

duo shao bu neng yuan liang de cuo que bu neng chong lai guo

翻開回憶角落 完美的生活
fan kai hui yi jiao luo  wan mei de sheng huo

yi wei xing fu dou ke yi zhang wo

仔細回味當初 那個故事背後
zi xi hui wei dang chu  na ge gu shi bei hou

Oh 原來是我 犯下從沒承認的錯
Oh yuan lai shi wo  fan xia cong mei cheng ren de cuo

(Repeat chorus)

zai zhe shao le ni de shi jie

Oh 找不回那些感覺
Oh zhao bu hui na xie gan jue

其實我不想道別 ( 道別 )
qi shi wo bu xiang dao bie (dao bie)

na xie guo qu

( 我從來沒想過 我會這樣做 )
(wo cong lai mei xiang guo   wo hui zhe yang zuo)

( 從來沒愛過 所以愛錯 )      從來沒有愛過那麼認真
(cong lai mei ai guo  suo yi ai cuo)   cong lai mei you ai guo na ma ren zhen

( 我從哪裡起飛 )     從哪裡
(wo cong na li qi fei)  cong na li

( 從哪裡降落 )      降落 Oh~
(cong na li jiang luo)   jiang luo  Oh~

( 多少不能原諒的錯卻不能重來過 )
(duo shao bu neng yuan liang de cuo que bu neng chong lai guo)

( 我從來沒想過 我會這樣做 )
(wo cong lai mei xiang guo  wo hui zhe yang zuo)

( 從來沒愛過 ) 愛過 ( 所以愛錯 ) 所以愛錯
(cong lai mei ai guo)  ai guo  (suo yi ai cuo)  suo yi ai cuo

( 我從哪裡起飛 ) 愛錯愛錯愛錯 baby
(wo cong na li qi fei) ai cuo ai cuo ai cuo baby

( 多少不能原諒的錯 ) ooh 請你原諒我的 愛錯
(duo shao bu neng yuan liang de cuo) ooh qing ni yuan liang wo de   ai cuo

Lyrics at KKBOX: http://tw.kkbox.com/song/tvGEsut02D2IH8vtR8vtR0P4-index.html#lyrics

Wang Leehom on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leehom_Wang


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不完整的旋律 (Bu Wan Zheng de Xuan Lü) by 王力宏 (Wang Leehom)

September 18, 2008 at 12:42 am (** Medium, Chinese lyrics, Male Singers, Pinyin lyrics, Uncategorized) (, )

The distractions that have taken me away from posting and going to KTV this summer nearly caused a regrettable situation, at least for a girl with a blog called KTV小姐. Due to my focus on other areas of my life besides music, I nearly missed the opportunity to see Wang Leehom when he comes to town this weekend. Imagine my sorrow if I hadn’t heard about it until after the concert series was over. For shame. Sadly, by the time I learned of the concert, all the good mid-priced tickets were long gone. Fortunately, I was able to talk friends into splurging on the higher-priced seats up front, which is where we’ll be singing along this Saturday at Taipei’s 小巨蛋. If you’re in town and you’d like to attend the concert, there’s still a handful of tickets up for grabs for both Friday and Saturday night, although getting good seats AND sitting next to your friends is almost an impossibility at this point. (Friends in Shanghai and Singapore, he’ll be coming your way later in 2008.)

Expect some photos from the show – at least the ones I can manage before the camera police come after me. Hmm. Since he’s on the Sony BMG label and everything in the Leehom universe (as you can see from his videos) is sponsored by Sony, do you think if I flash my Sony camera and Sony Ericsson phone that they’ll let me off?

Anyway, since it wouldn’t be logical to post a song by anyone else this week (although I had a few others in mind), here’s another song I love from Wang Leehom’s latest album. The video leaves a lot to be desired, but the song itself is very singable aside from some challenging vocabulary for beginners. Overall, it’s a sweet song with meaningful lyrics.

Special note on videos:
First of all, I do want to give props to Wang Leehom for doing the YouTube thing the smart way. His website links to a YouTube channel containing videos from his public appearances, interviews, and travels. In addition, he has an official YouTube channel, featuring 50 of his official videos. If you want to get to know Wang Leehom’s music before investing in an album or ten, this is a great place to do it. The videos are even titled in pinyin, some with English titles as well. The only thing that would make this better is if the channel contained the KTV versions.

An unfortunate consequence of this, however, seems to be that the more recent KTV videos uploaded by fans are not embeddable anymore. Some videos on this blog will no longer play automatically, and may require visiting the video’s YouTube page to actually be able to watch. The URL can be found by clicking the menu button on the embedded video (the arrow pointing up in the bottom right corner of the video).

Happy singing!

心裡有個旋律 不完整的歌曲
xin li you ge xuan lü bu wan zheng de ge qu

你是否聽的出來 我拖了一拍
ni shi fou ting de chu lai wo tuo le yi pai

最近世界有點奇怪 好像缺了一塊
zui jin shi jie you dian qi guai hao xiang que le yi kuai

心裡那個旋律 未完成的情緒
xin li na ge xuan lü wei wan cheng de qing xu

如果你在傾聽 是否打動了你
ru guo ni zai qing ting shi fou da dong le ni

shuo shi zai wo ye bu que ding

zen yang bi jiao hao ting


不完整的旋律 沒什麼結局
bu wan zheng de xuan lü mei shen me jie ju

que shi wo zhen shi de sheng yin

不完整的旋律 勇敢的唱給你聽
bu wan zheng de xuan lü yong gan de chang gei ni ting

tian man ni wo bu wan zheng de gan qing

想寫一個旋律 沒修飾的痕跡
xiang xie yi ge xuan lü  mei xiu shi de hen ji

yi ting jiu li ke ming bai wo zhao dao le ai

ji shi bie ren jue de qi guai

bu xu yao zai geng gai

Repeat chorus 2x

Lyrics at KKBOX: http://www.kkbox.com.tw/funky/web_info/0QdEKoJ6m0tsiha00MG7008l.html

Wang Leehom’s Official Site: http://www.wangleehom.com/

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我們的歌 (Wo Men de Ge) by 王力宏 (Wang Leehom)

August 3, 2008 at 11:32 am (*** Difficult, Chinese lyrics, Male Singers, Pinyin lyrics) (, )

A busy summer of work and creative projects has left this blog idling for weeks on end. I haven’t even been to KTV in weeks… some KTV小姐 I am! Apologies offered in the form of this lovely song by Wang Leehom. It’s from the same album as 改變自己 (Gai Bian Zi Ji), and is a regular part of my morning walks due to its cheerful melody (and the fact that I still haven’t mastered the tricky fast parts – 16th notes galore!).

I also like the line 能不能不要切歌 (neng bu neng bu yao qie ge), as it always brings to mind an image of the big red 切歌 button one has to push to cut a song early at KTV. In short, this song is pure poetry, and would be a sweet addition to a mix CD for someone special. Enjoy, and please pardon the video quality – it’s the only KTV version I could find.

***Regarding the lyrics, the words are what I would categorize as moderately difficult. However, those aforementioned tricky parts make this song rather difficult to sing, unless you skip the tongue-twisters altogether. They’re not nearly as killer as the chorus to 牛仔很忙 (future post), but are still a bit hard for a non-native speaker to get out without practice.

yi jing ting le yi bai bian

zen me ting dou bu hui juan

cong bai tian chang dao hei ye

ni yi zhi zai shen bian

ru guo shi jie tai wei xian

zhi you yin yue zui an quan

dai zhe wo jin meng li mian

rang ge ci dou shi xian

wu lun shi kai xin hai shi nan guo

wo de ai yi zhi bu bian

bu bi dan xin shi jian liu shi dai zou yi qie

無論是Hip-Hop 還是搖滾
wu lun shi Hip-Hop hai shi yao gun

wo de ai yi zhi bu bian

suo you mei hao hui yi ji lu zai li mian

這種 Forever love 那麼深
zhe zhong “Forever Love” na me shen

我們的歌 那麼真
“Wo Men de Ge” na me zhen

wu guo jie kua shi dai

再也不會叫我 Kiss Goodbye
zai ye bu hui jiao wo Kiss Goodbye

yao mei yi ju neng gou dong ren xin xian Yeah~


qing ren zong fen fen he he

ke shi wo men que yue ai yue shen

認識你 讓我的幸福如此悅耳
ren shi ni rang wo de xing fu ru ci yue er

neng bu neng bu yao qie ge

ji xu chang wo men de ge

rang gan dong yi bei zi dou ji de

Repeat verse

Repeat chorus 2x

Lyrics at KKBOX: http://www.kkbox.com.tw/funky/web_info/0QdEKoJ6m0tsiha00MG7008l.html

Wang Leehom’s Official Site: http://wangleehom.com/

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Kiss Goodbye by 王力宏 (Wang Leehom)

June 8, 2008 at 10:31 am (** Medium, Male Singers, Pinyin lyrics) (, )

For people who come to Taiwan without knowing how to speak Chinese, going to KTV with Taiwanese friends can be slightly frustrating. The problem is that, while you can’t sing the Chinese songs, they tend to know not only all the Chinese songs, but the English songs, too! One way of compensating is to sing along with the only English words in Chinese songs, of which there are many. It’s probably annoying to the folks actually singing the songs, but it’s something I’ve seen nearly all non-Chinese speakers do at KTV, myself included. We have to compensate somehow. Besides, it’s much easier to start learning a song for real if you know for certain that you understand two or three words.

“Kiss Goodbye” was the first of this type for me. It came out the year I arrived in Taiwan, and was on MTV and the radio all the time, so I had plenty of opportunities to hum along after the initial “baby” and then belt out the “kiss goodbye” in the chorus. Now I can sing the entire song (aside from being tripped up by a character here and there), but it still holds a place in my heart as one of the first Chinese songs I ever “sang.”

*By the way, this song is categorized as medium because, although the chorus is simple, the vocabulary in the verses is not nearly basic enough for most beginners.

Baby bu yao zai ku qi

zhe yi mu duo mo shu xi

jin wo zhe ni de shou bi ci

dou she bu de fen li

mei yi ci xiang kai kou

dan bu ru bao chi an jing

gei wo yi fen zhong zhuan xin

hao hao xin shang ni de mei

xing fu da pei bei shang

tong shi zai wo xin jiao cha

cuo zhe de yan lei

bu neng ce shi ai de zhong liang

fu chu de ai shou bu hui

hai qian ni de wo bu neng gei

別把我心也帶走 去跟隨
bie ba wo xin ye dai zou   qu gen sui


mei yi ci he ni fen kai

shen shen de bei ni da bai

每一次放棄你的溫柔 痛苦 難以釋懷
mei yi ci fang qi ni de wen rou   tong ku nan yi shi huai

mei yi ci he ni fen kai

每一次Kiss You Goodbye
mei yi ci Kiss You Goodbye

ai qing de zi wei ci ke wo zhong yu zui ming bai

xing fu da pei bei shang

tong shi zai wo xin jiao cha

cuo zhe de yan lei

bu neng ce shi ai de zhong liang

fu chu de ai shou bu hui

hai qian ni de wo bu neng gei

wo cai ming bai ai zui zhen shi de zi wei

(Repeat chorus 2x)

Lyrics at KKBOX: http://www.kkbox.com.tw/funky/web_info/3QZ4eHeOEd61gjF00Duk008l.html#s4

Wang Leehom’s Official Site: http://www.wangleehom.com/

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改變自己 (Gai Bian Zi Ji) by 王力宏 (Wang Leehom)

April 5, 2008 at 12:11 am (** Medium, Chinese lyrics, Japanese, Male Singers, Pinyin lyrics, Taiwanese) (, )

Wang Leehom is, with Jay Chou, one of the first singers I began to listen to when I arrived in Taiwan. It would have been impossible to miss him, with his face plastered on billboard advertisements, on commercials (one of my favorites being the 黃綠紅 commercials for McDonald’s, his name being a play on words with the yellow, green, and red dipping sauces for McNuggets), and in the video for his song “Kiss Goodbye,” which played nonstop on MTV that year.

In 2007, he released his latest album, 改變自己 – Change Me, which contains this title track. It has been on my iPod since the day after I heard it, and both the message and the energetic beat make great morning music. Plus, the video is, well, incredibly cute. Enjoy!

* Notes: (1) The term kuso in the song is borrowed from Japanese, and my own translation would be: so bad, it’s good. The Back Dorm Boys are a good example of this. And yes. I love those guys. (2) This song also contains Taiwanese pronunciation – the characters 龜毛, while pronounced gui mao in Mandarin, are pronounced ku mo in Taiwanese. Although Taiwanese folks seem to generally use the Mandarin pronunciation, this term (meaning high-maintenance or nitpicky) is said to have originated in Taiwanese. The history of the term is debatable.


很久沒 很久沒
hen jiu mei hen jiu mei

不如用 唱歌好了
bu ru yong chang ge hao le

我很久沒 聽見那
wo hen jiu mei ting jian na

又新鮮 又熟悉 的聲音
you xin xian you shu xi de sheng yin

請準備 改變 自己 ~ yeah ~ yeah …
qing zhun bei gai bian zi ji ~ yeah ~ yeah …

wo hui lai le


今早起床了 看鏡子裡的我
jin zao qi chuang le kan jing zi li de wo

hu ran fa xian wo fa xing shui de you dian KUSO

一點點改變 有很大的差別
yi dian dian gai bian you hen da de cha bie

ni wo de li liang ye neng gai bian shi jie

最近比較煩 最近情緒很DOWN
zui jin bi jiao fan zui jin qing xu hen DOWN

mei tian kan xin wen dou hui hen xiang da sheng jian jiao

但髒話沒用 大家只會嫌兇
dan zang hua mei yong da jia zhi hui xian xiong

wo gai bian zi ji fa xian da you bu tong

新一代的朋友我們 好好的加油
xin yi dai de peng you women hao hao di jia you

大家一起大聲的說 Na Na Na Na Na~
da jia yi qi da sheng de shuo Na Na Na Na Na~


我可以改變世界 改變自己
wo ke yi gai bian shi jie gai bian zi ji

改變龜毛 改變小氣
gai bian ku mo gai bian xiao qi

要一直 努力努力 永不放棄
yao yi zhi nu li nu li yong bu fang qi

才可以 改變世界 C’mon 改變自己
cai ke yi gai bian shi jie C’mon gai bian zi ji

今早起床了 覺得頭有點痛
jin zao qi chuang le jue de tou you dian tong

可能是二氧化碳太多 氧氣不夠
ke neng shi er yang hua tan tai duo yang qi bu gou

一點點改變 有很大的差別
yi dian dian gai bian you dian da de cha bie

ni wo de re qing ye neng gai bian shi jie

只能代表自己 沒有政治立場
zhi neng dai biao zi ji mei you zheng zhi li chang

ji shi zhe shi jie rang wo kan de shi fen jin zhang

yao tiao zheng zi ji


沒想到一點就能 畫龍點睛
mei xiang dao yi dian jiu neng hua long dian jing

新一代的朋友我們 好好的加油
xin yi dai de peng you wo men hao hao di jia you

大家一起大聲的說 Na Na Na Na Na~
da jia yi qi da sheng de shuo Na Na Na Na Na~

(Repeat chorus 2x)

Lyrics at KKBOX: http://www.kkbox.com.tw/funky/web_info/0QdEKoJ6m0tsiha00MG7008l.html

Wang Leehom’s Official Site: http://www.wangleehom.com/

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